Enjoy Your Thanksgiving With This Holiday Recipe!

Your family is sure to love this slow cooker Thanksgiving recipe. Thanksgiving is meant to be spent with your friends and family, not cooped up in the kitchen. Unfortunately, with all the dishes that come along with the holiday, it can be easy to get trapped in the kitchen for hours. Keep this delicious Thanksgiving

Don’t Have A Green Thumb? Consider These Houseplants

Add some greenery into your house with these easy to care for houseplants. Houseplants are a great way to add some greenery into your home while also helping to clean the air. However, having dead houseplants in your house will do the complete opposite. If you are having trouble keeping the plants in your house

Moving Yourself? Use These Tips

These essentials will make the moving process much easier. While moving into your new house, you are probably looking for ways to save some money. Deciding to move yourself instead of hiring movers can help you save some much-needed funds. Keep these moving yourself tips in mind to help you get ready for the big

Post Open-House Advice Fremont, Ca

What Do I Do After an Open-House? Fremont, CA. They say you should never let an experience go to waste. No exceptions here. Whether you love, hate, or are on the fence about a home you toured, there are post open-house steps that can be taken. It’s the one. In love? Good. Do this: Pump

“Open-Housing” In Fremont, CA: Halloween Edition

Trick or Treat on Downtown Safety Street Fremont, CA on Friday, October 23. Downtown Safety Street is hosting Halloween festivities in the Fremont City Hall parking lot on Friday, October 23 from 5pm-8pm in hourly slots. There will be miniature houses set up for children to trick or treat as well as carnival games for

Selling Your Home in Fremont, CA

Tips for Selling Your Home in Fremont, CA. The emotional roller coaster of selling your home. The ups, the downs, and then the feeling of hopelessness when no one is interested. Or maybe they are interested…and then they are not. Here are 4 strategic tips to ensure that you are giving your home the best

What Will Your Home Warranty Cover?

Home Warranty Basics Your house is most likely the biggest investment you will ever make, which is why you should do all you can to protect it. Investing in the right homeowners insurance policy can help to protect your house from many perils, but it will not provide coverage for all incidents that occur. Choosing

What You Need To Include In Your Seller Disclosure

Home Selling Disclosures When selling your home, you are required to provide a seller disclosure of material facts about the property. Your real estate agent can provide you the right forms, but as the seller, you have to record accurate information about any potential hazards or defects in the house. Knowing exactly what you have

Why You Should Consider Moving In To An Apartment Or Condo

Apartment And Condo Benefits Just because you cannot afford to buy or rent a house does not mean that you have to be stuck in an unsavory living situation. Renting an apartment or buying a condo is the perfect way to have a space of your own while saving up for a house. Keep these

Why That Home Inspection Is Worth The Cost

Seller Fees To Consider Most home seller fees come up during the home inspection. Not only will you have to pay for a typical home inspection as a seller, but you may also need to cover the cost of an environmental inspection to ensure that your home is safe for the buyers. There are many

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